A long time ago, I posted about the two sides of one’s brain. I didn’t say anything about how to know if you’re more right brained or left brained. That’s what I’m doing today. Okay, so the first thing you need to do is make chart. Write down things that you do with your hands: eating, writing, folding your hands, crossing your arms, waving, or pretty much any other thing that you do with your hands. In the chart, fill out whether you do it with your right hand or your left hand. Second, you need to make a chart for your feet. Which is dominant when you’re skipping, walking, climbing, when one is over the other, when you’re just standing, or more if you can think of them.

The next thing you have to do is draw a dog. Draw it the way you would draw it, and don’t copy it from something. When you’re done, note which way the nose is facing. This is what you need to mark in the chart. Next, draw two circles, one with your right hand and one with your left. Note the directions that you drew them. Clockwise is left, counter clockwise is right. If you did one of each, then mark both in your chart.

Now, get a piece of paper and roll it into a tube. Hold it directly over your nose, in between your eyes. Don’t cross your eyes to see through it, but simply close your left eye. Then, open your left eye and close your right. Whichever eye that saw through the tube is your dominant eye, and you should mark this in your chart.

Here’s how you figure out if your left or right brained. First count up the majority of what you do. Do you mostly use your left or right side? I use mostly my right side, and so I marked that down. Now, don’t assume that this is what side of your brain is dominant. You see, your left side of your brain control the right side of your body, and visa versa. If you used your right side more then your left side, then you are left brained. If you used your left side more then your right, you are right brained.

I hope you enjoyed this fun experiment! Feel free to share it with friends so that you can all figure out what side of your brain you use most! :) Oh, and by the way, I’m left brained.

News flash: the Harry Potter movies are the best ever! I just watched the 8th and final movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. It was amazing! My favorite character is Hermione Granger, played by British actress Emma Watson. She was my favorite in every movie. Of course, Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter is amazing, too. And Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley is pretty good. Still, I like Hermione Granger the best. My favorite movies out of the series were the last one, the seventh one (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One), the sixth one (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince), and the third one (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).

The third one was my absolute favorite. In that movie, many things happen. Sirius Black is introduced, many new characters are added, Hermione does some awesome things including the act of punching Draco Malfoy in his face! I loved the seventh and eighth ones because the three characters were traveling everywhere and they faced many new dangers. I liked the sixth one for many reasons, too many than I care to explain, actually. Which were your favorites?

This post wasn’t that long, but I just thought that I’d mention one of my favorite series of all times!!!!

For all you game fans out there, I have a ton of games that you might like. Keep in mind though that some of them are old and are not available in your regular Best Buy or Game Stop. Okay, so the first one is Rise and Fall; Civilizations at War. You get to play as one of four civilizations; Persia, Rome, Egypt or Greece. The cool part is that every civilization has two heroes. You get to build one of them and play as them through the whole game! Literally, you can go into hero mode and attack people as your hero! Be Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Rameses II, Achilles, Cleopatra and more! This is one of the older games though and may be hard to find.

Another awesome game isEmpire Earth. It is kind of similar to Rise and Fall, but you can be a ton of civilizations or even make your own and add special attributes to it. You can build your whole civilization in single or multiplayer games! Take over territories, advance through 15 epochs, take over other civilizations, explore the world and do all sorts of cool things. Trust me, it’s an amazing game.

This one isn’t as old. Civilization IV is amazing. Yeah, I know there is the new Civilization V out, but I think that Civilization IV is better. Here are some reasons why. First off, it is much more realistic looking. Also, you can pick a religion for your people to follow. And there are natural events that occur that don’t in V. It is an awesome game.

Another one is Warcraft III. I don’t know how new it is, but it is fun. Play as Orcs, Night Elves, Humans or the Undead. It is so cool! You can build up your armies and attack the evil empires. There are also campaigns and scenarios to play where you can do quests as humans or orcs! It is a cool game.

Gamers, these games are awesome and I think that you should play them. I play them and they rock. Sure, I’m a twelve year old girl, but still, my older brother, dad and little sister like these games. I highly recommend them. Have fun wiping out enemy civilizations! ;)

Hey guys! Okay, so everyone has celebrities that they think are awesome or that they look up too, right? You know? Like maybe you always listen to music by Miley Cyrus or love Harry Potter because of the actress Emma Watson. Well I have those too!

The first one is Selena Gomez. I think she is an amazing actress and singer. I know every single word to her song Who Says and I love lots of her other songs like A Year Without Rain and Naturally. I love watching her show, Wizards of Waverly Place, on Disney Channel. I like the movie Another Cinderella Story, in which she plays the main character.

The second one is Vanessa Hudgens. Though Selena Gomez is awesome, I do think that Vanessa Hudgens beats her. I first started liking Vanessa when I watched Beastly, in which she plays a girl named Lindy. I realized that she was an awesome actress and decided to watch more of her movies. I have seen a couple of the High School Musicals, but I don’t like them that much. The only reason I like them at all is because Vanessa Hudgens plays Gabriella. Then I watched Bandslam. Vanessa plays Sa5m. Everyone calls her Sa5m The 5 Is Silent. I loved that movie a lot too. I also want to watch Suckerpunch, in which Vanessa plays Blondie.

Those are the celebrities that I think are awesome. I wish that I could meet them so bad, but that will probably not happen. Please leave your comments and tell me all about the celebrities that you like!



You might’ve noticed by now that I’m pretty much obsessed with computer games. Well it’s true! I love all computer games, including the newest Sims game! The Sims Medieval! The reason I like this game so much is because I love all things medieval. Movies, books, and games! Especially this one. You can do all sorts of quests as heros that you can make. You can furnish castles and different buildings around the kingdom.

Your first hero is obviously the monarch, or the king/queen. You get to make them like a regular sims game, only there are less choices for clothing unless you unlock more. Then you can do quests with them. You can lead your kingdom to greatness… or not. What’s really cool is that you can send people to the stocks if you are the monarch! Or the monster pit, which is a hole with a creepy monster in it.

There are a bunch of other heros too, or heroines. Wizards, physicians, merchants! Blacksmiths, priests, bards! There are even two different kind of priests, depending on the church that you select for your kingdom. Don’t worry, it’s not a religious game. The religions are made up anyway! But it’s so fun!

I highly encourage this game, but it is teen so if you are my age and your parents worry over this kind of stuff, you might want to ask them first. But it’s an awesome game! If you get it and you think it’s awesome (or not, if you are weird. Joking!), post a comment! Thanks for reading my thoughts on THE SIMS MEDIEVAL!



My sister Jena is pregnant! She’s due in July and I can’t wait until my nephew Marcus is born! I was just at her baby shower. A bunch of people were there, but only girls. We had so much fun at the shower.

First everyone got a pacifier on a string to put around their neck. It may sound weird, but we played a game with them. You weren’t allowed to say baby or cross your legs. If you did, and someone caught you, your pacifier would be taken away. Whoever had the most pacifiers at the end, won.

Then we guessed how many jellybeans were in a baby bottle. My sister Evie won that one. Evie won at another game too, so she got two prizes! We ate sandwiches, fruit, and some vegetables, leading up to the delicious cake. I’m not sure what kind it was, but it was awesome. We played another game, and then Jena opened her presents. It was so fun watching her open all the presents with baby clothes in it!

At the end, Jessica, my other sister, gave me a prize because I had the most pacifiers! I hadn’t lost one and I had collected ELEVEN! It was so amazing. Then everyone left Jena’s house, one by one.

It was so fun and now I can’t wait for July! Thanks for reading.

I bet you guys didn’t know that I love to write. Well, maybe you guessed because I am writing this blog, but anyways, I do. I write daily and for over 30 minutes a day. I’m here right now to give you tips.

I write fantasy. I have finished a couple of books and I’m working on another. The first tip is that you need to have an interesting beginning. If any part of your story is a little boring, make sure that it isn’t the beginning. The beginning is what get’s your readers sucked into the book. For instance, this. When I was only a young girl, both of my parents mysteriously disappeared. I was sent off to an orphanage and I was supposed to forget them. What had happened? Even I don’t know that yet…

Kind of makes you curious huh? What had happened? Why did they want her to forget? You might have more or less questions than this, but you get the idea.  Another tip is that you have to be descriptive. For instance, here is a description of a random girl. She had dark black hair that framed her heart shaped head. Her dark eyes stared at me with anger. She wore purple lipstick and her skin was very light. Her nose was pointed at the end and it sort of curved up.

This makes you see it in your head. You always want a reader to see it in their head like you’d see it in a movie. I like to picture scenes in a movie and speak what they say aloud to see if it’s good or not. In that example, you have the idea that this girl is probably goth or something like that. The last tip I’ll give you is that you need to have a plot. You don’t have to plot it at the beginning, just make sure that you have one. Don’t skip from topic to topic randomly and make sure that you have an idea for your book.

I like to make up a character and see what they do, not plan out exactly what they are going to do and write it. But sometimes I get ideas and write it. I thought of lots while I was taking walks. Walks are a good time to get ideas, but so is going to sleep. Me and my friend Myranda get ideas right before we fall asleep.

Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed the bits of my writing. For more information about writing, read Spilling Ink by Ellen Potter and Anne Mazer.

Any of you heard of Christopher Paolini? Well, he is the most AWESOME author in the world! Well… one of them.

In his Inheritance Cycle series, Eragon is just a farm boy. But when he finds a dragon egg, his life flips upside down! Eragon is now a Rider! The dragon Saphira, Brom (a storyteller from Carvahall) and Eragon head out on a journey to find and kill the Ra’zac, beetle like creatures that killed Eragon’s uncle. But along the way, Eragon learns magic, becomes a skilled swordsman and learns many different things. Although they don’t kill the Ra’zac, they learn many things about them that may help them in the future. But tragedy is also in their near future. Deaths, betrayals, friends, foes, and more lie in Eragon’s future. Read the Inheritance Cycle to find out what happens.

Eragon is the first book, Eldest is the second, and Brisingr is the third. I do not know what the fourth is called, because it is not out yet. Despite my research, I didn’t find out. I only read that the fourth book has a green dragon on it and that the title has yet to be revealed.

I can’t wait to read it, like I just finished Brisingr and I am freaking out because I NEED to read the next one. Oh, and by the way, if you aren’t a big fan on violent books, don’t read this series. ;)



Civilization… what does this word mean to you? Well to me it means… THE BEST COMPUTER GAME EVER! There are a bunch of Civilizations. Civilization the bored game, and a whole bunch for the computer. I play Civilization IV and V. They are both really fun. Here are some ways to get it.

You can go on Steam and get it. Steam is a cool way to buy games quickly on your computer. It works on Mac and PC. But, if you want to do it on Mac, you have to have SnowLeopard, a new version of Mac.

You can also buy the DVD, but you still need SnowLeopard to use it on Mac.

Well… those are the only ways I know how to get it. I hope you people try it. It is super fun! Since I have a good taste in computer games, you should take my advice.

Thanks for reading!


Rick Riordan is an amazing author. I enjoy reading his many books. If any of you have seen The Lightning Thief, I recommend that you read the book. It is much better. That is because Rick is an amazing author.

Try reading The Lost Hero. But you kind of have to read the Percy Jackson series… well… yeah. It is really good. So is The Red Pyramid It is really good, but you don’t need read the Percy Jackson series.

If you have any questions, ask me!

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